Deviantech is a premier Rails consultancy focused on building web applications of astounding quality. If you have a web app planned or are in need of an experienced hand, we can help. To find out more about the most common services we perform for our clients, continue reading.

This is our bread & butter -- building out an application from scratch. From sitting down and fleshing out the details of the original idea to laying out the requisite data flows, structuring a UI, and implementing every last bit of required functionality, Deviantech has got you covered.

You supply the idea, and we'll take you from zero to hero in a series of rapidly-iterated prototypes.

Many pre-funding companies hire cheap developers to convert their ideas into a minimum viable product. That's a great approach for keeping initial costs down, but when it comes time to launch many business-oriented CEOs find themselves left with inferior code that can't stand up to the rigors of actual use, let alone scale effectively as the app gains traction.

Deviantech is frequently called in to evaluate the state of the codebase at this critical pre-launch juncture and provide an experienced 3rd party's opinion. If the current development team's output is solid, then you've got outside validation and can sleep easier at night. If changes need to be made, on the other hand, we can either oversee that process ourselves or help you find cheaper, more reliable developers to supplement or replace the original team.

We don't just point fingers; when we see something wrong, we like to get our hands dirty and fix it. In addition to performing external code audits and security checks to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your code, we can also step in (either on our own or in conjunction with your existing team) to address existing problems and to proactively position the codebase for future stability.

Deviantech has a particularly strong web app security background, and we enjoy working with existing development teams to establish best practices, support clean development styles, and promote secure coding habits.

Considering adding a mobile app, a client API, or a cleaner admin console? If you have a tricky feature to be implemented or just need a little extra developer firepower, our expertise is available for any venture you have in mind; whatever the widget, doohickey, or thingamabob you're planning, we're happy to lend a helping hand.

Deviantech brings much more to the table than solid code. It's not uncommon for clients to ask for a deeper connection in which we deliver either goal-oriented support (e.g. helping achieve a specific, measurable outcome) or ongoing technical consulting and leadership.

For small startups which we believe in strongly, it's possible for this to take the form of Deviantech providing a CTO or joining the advisory board in return for an equity stake in the venture.